Monday, December 1, 2008



Unconditionally "I Love You" , simple words can have such truth
A concept that is trying, our actions are the proof!

Love and understanding, we know we each will share
Our feelings for our friendship, make us quite a pair

Time will judge the outcome, of this journey we take together
"With Love" will be our pledge made, linking our hearts forever

Someday I may displease you, in action or in deed
Remember now our hearts' strength, not seeking a need to bleed

Communication will save us, on this we are agreed
I'll think of you, you'll think of me, we'll fulfill each other's need

To us "Our Love" is vital, this meaning unique to us
Our hearts imbued with insight, our souls are full of trust

In each day we'll take a step, each closer to the other
Your Love's for Me, My Love's for You, My Unconditional Lover..

Harpreet Singh

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