Thursday, November 27, 2008

Forever Love, I call to you.

love, I call to you
You are my heart, forever true
As I wait here in the park
I see lovers caress each others heart

Forever love, in my mind I hold you near
I know you are forever dear
Love this strong can never die
In my soul, I see you lie

Forever love, come what may
I look for you to walk the path
In the park, where all thing beautiful will last

I see the grass so green
The water in the little stream
How the birds fly into the sun
And a butterfly, in my lap
All this wonder, for us, will never pass

Forever love, I call your name
My voice is full of passion,
You could never change
I see you run into my arms
I rest my head on your dear chest
Forever love, I know you are real
Our life begins, there is only you

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